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 Reading is not just decoding words and sentences. It is mentally modeling the situation in the story and creating a movie in your head

IMapBooks combine eBooks with computer games, using the best aspects of computer games:
Interactivity, challenge, accountability, motivation and socially friendly learning. Readers of IMapBook had:
increased retention of spatial details of stories even those not explicitly addressed by interactive activities (study with 5th graders), increased learning of new vocabulary (study with chinese College-age English Foreign Language learners). In the Netherlands it is used in a study for reading comprehension.
72% of fifth graders in our studies said it was: "Made reading more fun for me"....."It made us use our brains...."

The IMapBook concept is a web-based application, designed to improve reading comprehension among elementary and middle school students, as well as adult learners. The ImapBook site facilitates: (a) the creation of IMapBooks by non- programmers,(b) act as a library with stories and games for playing, (c) create role play and interaction amongst readers via chat function, (d) all material is linked to the Common Core Standards and last (e) a great research reading platform. 

Since 2007, Dr. Smith's research team at the University of South Florida has developed IMapBooks. The IMapBook group is a limited democracy and depends on team members to suggest ideas, organize and provide critical sounding board. Since 2010, IMapBook is an organization taking care of the development , research and distribution of IMapBooks to young readers in the age range of 9 to 14 years.

We suggest you take a look at the options IMapBook will have to keep your child improving their reading skills.

The IMapBook Team!