We spend an average of 72 minutes per day on the internet.* It would take 42 of those minutes to read all the privacy policies that affect us. However, privacy notices are a vital means of informing people about how their personal data is being processed and what their rights are under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). We are in compliance with (COPPA) the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. We will not ask more information from you than you need to enjoy reading/playing our books. Teachers who are setting up cohorts of users will use all the restrictions recommended by their district and federal law.

Your privacy is paramount to us; no information entered in the members database will be released to others. We keep IMapBook’s data private, and we have no contact with advertisers. :)

Comments are welcomed on our About page. We retain the right to delete comments deemed inappropriate. All users in IMapBook can show their work on the development page, and leave ideas on the About Page. IMapBook is not responsible for that work and will not hold the copyrights unless an agreement has been made.

Please keep in mind:

Do not post questionable information or pictures when designing a game for IMapBook. Look over your work as if someone you have never met will read it. Others may not understand inside jokes and assumptions.

Create and promote positive content. Let your posts and pictures highlight your interests and talents – create a profile which matches the awesome person you are in real life. Let’s share here in our safe location at IMapBook!

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