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Multimedia and readers’ situation models from text narratives:

This research investigates how interacting with multimedia affects readers’ spatial situation models. This research has two tracks: cognitive psychology experimental research, and development of a commercially viable prototype technology for 6th grade readers and teenage struggling readers. We are continually evaluating the design of IMapBooks. Beyond the spatial situation models we are looking into retention and recall processes.


Our research group scientifically

integrates computer games directly into eBooks to improve readers comprehension. Our solution, based on the psychology of how people read text narratives, is to use interactive computer games within books to leverage readers with their internal representations (patent awarded May 2014). Our games specifically scaffold readers’ inferencing and situation models (mental models of the story). The group is now focussed on solidifying the research results and developing this into a robust product ready for young teenage readers all over the world.


The IMapBook™ concept

is a web-based application, designed to improve reading comprehension among elementary and middle school students, as well as adult learners. TheIMapBook site facilitates:
(a) the creation of IMapBooks by non-programmers,
(b) the development of research study materials.
(c) measuring performance improvements

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